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    * hostingfuze problems

    This is a payment receipt for Invoice 49993 sent on 05/14/2011

    Fuzed Basic - (05/14/2011 - 05/13/2012)
    Operating System (OpenVZ): CentOS 5.5 32 Bit
    Bandwidth Option: 1200GB on 100Mbps
    Additional IP Addresses: 0 x $18.00 USD $71.00 USD
    Promotional Code: VPS35THREE - 35.00% Recurring Discount $-24.85 USD
    Sub Total: $46.15 USD
    Credit: $0.00 USD
    Total: $46.15 USD

    Amount: $46.15 USD
    Transaction #: 10G391507K418534W
    Total Paid: $46.15 USD
    Remaining Balance: $0.00 USD
    Status: Paid

    No negative comments at WHT I bought a year. With a three-day feel bad, do not give me a refund back to their web site says 15 Day Money Back Service Guarantee!
    After a few days VPS Status: Offline Reboot Request Error! A process has already been requested for this virtual server. Please wait until this has completed before requesting another

    I submitted a PayPal dispute requires $ 46.15 refund my $ 40, he would not agree, it is ironic that their website also says 15 Day Money Back Service Guarantee!
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    Quote Originally Posted by yi wu View Post

    I submitted a PayPal dispute requires $ 46.15 refund my $ 40, he would not agree, it is ironic that their website also says 15 Day Money Back Service Guarantee!
    This was your mistake, you submitted a dispute with PayPal rather than communicate directly with the provider. - High Resource Hosting
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    mitgib is correct. Once you submit a payment dispute it's over for you. Unless the host is extremely nice and is willing to forgive your ignorance the money is rightfully theirs.

    Also you were not entitled to a refund which you would have known if you read the Terms of Service:
    VPS services provided by HostingFuze and/or VPSFuze cover no feature or service warranty. No refund guarantee is available for such services, as physical staff involvement is required during the setup process.
    -Joe @ Secure Dragon LLC.
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    VPS is no problem, I will not refund.
    Negotiation fails, PayPal dispute is my last choice.
    I may be wrong, I did not read the Terms of Service, and now vps has been stopped.
    After the purchase is paid monthly, no longer pay for one year

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    We do not provide any type of refund on our VPS services. If you clicked the "15 day money back" link located on every single page of our website, or even bothered to read our terms of services, you would have found this before you signed up.

    Instead you defrauded our services, and went straight to a dispute prior to contacting us and letting us resolve any outstanding issues (looking like there really wasn't any in the first place?)

    Good luck with your future provider.. hope they don't have to deal with the same type of actions you take as a client when you have a "3-day feel bad". - Performance should be noticeable - VPS Hosting at its best. - Affordable & Reliable Shared & Master Reseller hosting services

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