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    Slow loading times on dedi


    I have a 8gb Xeon Dedi and my website is loading super slow. We run IIS and I know that might not be the fastest but we are going incredibly slow. The ping is fine but loading the website takes about 30secs. We aren't being DDoS'd and we only have around 150 online.

    I was wondering if anyone can take a look and help me config or point me in the right direction.

    We run a PHP website on Windows 2008 Dedi Xeon 8GB Ram using IIS. We need to use IIS due to the other things we run.

    Help will be appreciated

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    Are you using FastCGI and the non-thread safe PHP 5.3?

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    whats the status of the cpu and memory ?. Give the details of user and process ..
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