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    Arrow Google Crawling ?

    Can any one please tell me about Google crawling?what are the important link that must be included in websites?
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    For proper google crawling your website should be optimized in html code and internal linking
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    The HTML tag
    <meta name="googlebot" content="index,follow" />
    should help. However even without that one any website will be indexed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HostColor View Post
    The HTML tag should help. However even without that one any website will be indexed.
    This on is really helpful. Google crawling is very important for any site.
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    This will be a great help for you:Webmaster Guidelines
    Then if you still have concerns, just let us know.
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    Google crawler or robot is surfing the net constantly in a nonstop way and if you are also interesting in improving your web crawling and indexing records, following some points would be cool. Make sure your web pages are easily accessible from your homepage because when Googleblt visits your main index file, if there are text links to your other pages, it would then move directly to check them out, resulting in faster scanning and also indexing.

    If your website contains lots of internal pages and sections, make sure they are clearly attached to each other through HTML or XML sitemaps. Addition of incoming links to your website and at the same time keeping that updated regularly with fresh contents too would be among recommendations. For instance blogs and forums pages are accessed or actually crawled by Google lots of times a day because they are constantly updated.
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