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    cPanel Server Setup and Ongoing Management

    We're looking for a company to outsource the setup, configuration, monitoring and ongoing management of a cPanel server on a 24/7 basis.

    This will include:

    - cPanel setup and configuration
    - Ongoing cPanel support
    - Server software updates, maintenance and configuration
    - Incident response and resolution on a 24/7 basis
    - System hardening, security optimisation (including CHKRootKit, RootKit Hunter, etc)
    - Firewall configuration and monitoring
    - Server performance tuning and stabilisation
    - 15 minute response time and 1 hour resolution time
    - Setup and management of backup and restore services
    - Apache, PHP, MySQL administration and optimisation
    - Log file management and monitoring
    - Alerting services based on server loads, errors, security issues, etc
    - Alerting services for application layer
    - Third-party DNS setup and
    - Possible MySQL replication services

    ... and anything else you can provide that will give us an extremely stable, secure and optimal performing system.

    I need to be assured of response and resolution times. The 15 min response and 1 hour resolution suggest above should be a minimum. I would prefer better than this.

    Our server is eastern Australia based.

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    Ideamine Technologies is a professional Server management and Outsourced support provider for webhosts and Datacenters around the world. Feel free to contact us

    sales at
    AIM: servernix
    MSN: ideamine @
    Skype: servernix
    Ideamine Technologies, sales(a)
    Server Management|Outsourced Support|Web Development|Mobile Applications
    Skype: servernix|GTalk: servernix|AIM: servernix

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    Be careful who you go with, and don't always go for the cheapest option.
    Also read plenty of reviews!

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    NixDot, I completely agree.

    I have been trawling WHT and reviewing all possible contenders, and some I have crossed off my list extremely quickly!

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    filmscape what is your email

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    michaelcc, its not a good idea for me to post my email on a publuc forum.

    Suggest you send me a PM if you wish to discuss anything in relation to this thread.

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    ok i can not send pm can you send me one pm to me ok thanks

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    I'd like to help you with that.
    If you'd like to have someone working on that with you, who doing this kind of work, not because of the money, but because he really likes what he's doing, then I'm probably the right guy.



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    If this is still open then we can take this up and execute it. Please check your PM for more details. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

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