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    Google Apps for Business

    Anyone upgrade their Google Apps to Google Apps for Business (or previously known as Premier) ?

    I am thinking of upgrading and want to hear feedback from you guys. Especially since I am interested in their Postini antispam features that is included.

    Thanks in advance. have a nice day ahead.
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    It is nearly zero spam, I am using the Google Apps for Business, but really do not see the need for any additional antispam as Gmail by itself is extremely good in anti spam.

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    if postini is not needed, probably i do not need to upgrade as well. since without postini, it will be on the same infrastructure, right?
    Please don't assume everyone needs a control panel.

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    I can't confirm whether or not the infrastructure is the same, however I do also use Google Apps for Business and it is great. There is effectively zero spam, but also important to note I have yet to see a false positive either. It's probably a bit better than the standard account in terms of spam filtering, but nothing overly noticeable. I would not upgrade for just that reason (granted, the cost of the business account is fairly low, if just one user).

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    They now have a month to month option which is nice with no contract.

    They also have an update guarantee for Business edition, which some like the peace of mind.

    25GB of email storage.

    There are other reasons to upgrade, just depends on your needs.

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    We've been using Google Apps for Business for quite some time now. Being able to lock things down within the organization is really nice.

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    You can use that for business. Not sure but that is obvious that your clients will never know if you are using that or not.

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    Google Apps was good until recently they done the transition to new infrastructure. Personally, I do not like the following with Google Apps after transition is completed.

    1. When you sign out from Google Apps it goes to instead of
    2. Your employee can access Google Apps right from their gmail Account.
    3. You cannot open multiple apps account or gmail and apps together. It's very difficult for admins in big organizations.

    I hope Google is working on this and at least change the sign out URL.

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    2. Your employee can access Google Apps right from their gmail Account.
    I think you can control via domain admin control panel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex-developer View Post
    I think you can control via domain admin control panel.
    I am unable to find any settings for this under the Domain Settings or Advanced Tools. Let me know if you are aware of the settings for this it would be very helpful.

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    For small business I recommend Google Apps. They have a free version (although they lowered it to 10 accounts recently).

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    Good Apps works brilliantly for all types of companies. I have experience of using it in quite a large UK Charity and we have a deal with Google to use their premier services for free as we are a Charity and have some collaborative work going with them.

    It's really simple to set up and manage. Ongoing changes are easy to do and from a user end its simple to do all the normal email operations and more!

    Google Apps is brilliant and would definitely recommend it!
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