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    * USA & EU | 25GB Disk 2TB Bandwidth for $12.95/mo! | Softaculous | WHMCS | AND MORE!!!

    We offer the most powerful reseller accounts in the hosting industry. We allow each reseller to have unlimited accounts, we will not hinder your successful business from growing.

    To top it off, all of our servers are extremely fast with 4-8 CPU cores and 8-16GB of ram! We know you will be very pleased with our server performances, which is why we dare offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

    Choose either Europe (Germany) or the USA (Denver CO) for your Reseller Account!

    Control Panel Features/Addons:

    • cPanel/WHM
    • RVSKins
    • Softaculous
    • RVSiteBuilder

    Why choose us?
    • We give you the ability to choose if you want your Reseller account in Europe, or in the USA. (Germany and Denver USA)
    • We do not resell for any other company, we are our own company and have our own staff.
    • We allow overselling!
    • Ability to use your own nameservers, or use our anonymous nameservers!
    • Created unlimited accounts, and host unlimited domains!
    • We have all of the most popular server modules installed, and if we don't we will install it for you! (EX: FFMPEG, Zend, and many more!)
    • We are one of the few hosting companies that allow proxy related websites!
    • REMOTE BACKUPS! We hold your data very valuable and perform remote backups regularly. Many companies claim to do this, but they actually only have HD backups (if that) only which is not reliable.

    Each Reseller will receive the following:
    • Powerful server(s) to host websites on
    • SSL Certificate to use
    • Powerful cPanel plugins like Softaculous/RvSkins/RvSiteBuilder/etc
    • And Much More!

    We also offer Windows Reseller accounts, those plans can be view here.


    Reseller Hosting Plans - All Details Here


    Bronze Plan
    Disk Space: 25,000MB (25GB)
    Bandwidth: 2,000,000MB (2,000GB)
    Accounts: Unlimited
    Locations: Denver CO, or Germany

    Price: $12.95/mo
    Order Now - Secure


    Silver Plan
    Disk Space: 50,000MB (50GB)
    Bandwidth: 3,000,000MB (3,000GB)
    Accounts: Unlimited
    Locations: Denver CO, or Germany

    Price: $26.95/mo
    Order Now - Secure


    Gold Plan
    Disk Space: 100,000MB (100GB)
    Bandwidth: 4,000,000MB (4,000GB)
    Accounts: Unlimited
    Locations: Denver CO, or Germany
    WHMCS: Free License

    Price: $39.95/mo
    Order Now - Secure


    Be sure to also take a look at our attractable VPS offers!
    Unmetered VPS's:
    Budget VPS's:

    Have sales questions?
    1. You may email [email protected]
    2. Open up a support ticket at
    3. Initiate a Live Chat session with a sales representative NOW!
    4. Of course, you may PM or POST here and I'll help you! - DME Hosting LLC | Servers, KVM/OpenVZ VPS's, Email Hosting, Web Hosting

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    1) Do you have a money back guarantee?
    Absolutely, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Will will provide you a refund if you are not happy with our services.
    2) Do you have ffmpeg and other related modules?
    Yes, we have all popular media streaming modules enabled. And if for some reason you find a module that we don't have, we'll have it installed for you within 24 hours.
    3) Will you migrate my accounts over to my new Reseller account with you?
    Yes, simply open a support ticket with us and we can get that started for you immediately.
    4) Can I use my own nameservers?
    You can use your own nameservers, or you can simply use our anonymous nameservers to make it easier for you and your clients.
    5) Will you remain anonymous to my clients?
    Absolutely, we do all that we can remain anonymous to your clients by keeping everything anonymous.
    6) Do you have Ioncube/Zend modules enabled on your servers?
    Yes, and much much much more modules do we have enabled. Email 'sales [at] [.] com if you have questions about what we have enabled and what you may need.

    7) Where are your servers located, and do you have a test IP?
    Our Reseller servers are located in Denver CO and Germany.
    Denver CO:

    8) You didn't answer my question, now what!?
    Simply email Email 'sales [at] [.] com' if you have questions about our services. - DME Hosting LLC | Servers, KVM/OpenVZ VPS's, Email Hosting, Web Hosting

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