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    Unhappy Save electric power solution

    We are running a few server rack and being using 220Volt x 15Amp.
    Do there have any solution can save more power loading?

    We also get hot when step inside the server room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper852 View Post
    We also get hot when step inside the server room.
    Invest in more cooling, make sure your everything is properly laid out, so you avoid hot spots, etc.

    Re. the power; if it's older equipment consider replacing it, newer PSUs, etc. are much 'greener'. - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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    Move to Alaska or some similar place and use the heat from the servers. Sorry, couldn't resist Air conditioning is going to be one of the biggest electricity hogs. So investing in better and more efficient air conditioning would save money in the long term.
    Also replacing all servers more than 2 years old with newer and better ones will lead to savings too.
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    If you own the building look into a heat exchanger? Or some cheap way of venting hot air out rather than cooling hot air (assuming the air outside is cooler than the server room)?

    As mentioned above, sometimes the best thing is just to update to newer equipment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper852 View Post
    We also get hot when step inside the server room.
    This is actually a pretty urgent matter... you may not have a server left if they overheat. The power consumption, HVAC requirements etc. also increase over time if you keep adding servers. The calculations should be updated etc.

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    Lessen usage of Electric products like air con, refrigerator and etc.......Or move to mountains and live a simple life there. Plant more trees and conserve energy.

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    All good suggestions below if you need to have the equipment in your building (maybe apart from Alaska ). But do you really need to keep the equipment in your building? Colo'ing at least the more power hungry components might allow you to keep using that same room for the rest of the equipment without it cooking, or having to make investments in new cooling.

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    Also, if you are in NYC, you may want to consider other markets for colocation since NYC has the highest rates in the country.. Especially if you haven't budgeted for colocation. The longer your computer room runs hot, the more damage that can be done to your hardware (Captain Obvious here
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    If it generate more heat then might be possible there is a problem in your server rack may be some parts get older or need replacement, or may be improper functioning is going on so its better to check and test each part manually and if there is less heat then you may go for the cooling system or ventilation.

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    Very good posts, thanks guys!

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