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    free invoice manager

    i am lloking for a free invoice manager wich will send automated invoices to vlients which are using hosting services. i mean if i will insert in these invoice system a site today, i want in one year from today 1 month before,1 week before and one day before to send email to client thaat he must pay... i dont want to have any online payment options...just invoices automated...

    can i find something like that??

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    Have you looked at the number of hosting companies that offer free billing software with their hosting packages? Something to consider.

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    I believe something like will do the trick.

    I'm sure everyone is going to recommended spending the money for WHMCS though.
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    I have installed Boxbilling (free). Yet to learn more about it. So I can't recommend it for time being.

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    CitrusDB is free (open source), handles recurring billing, and can do pre-invoicing by either email or hard copy. It's php so it will run on any platform that has an html server, php, & mysql. It uses very little in the way of resources.

    Not bad for free.

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