Standard DDOS Protection
Disk: 1,000 MB
Bandwidth: 5,000 MB
Protection Level: 200mb/s
Protected Websites: 1
Protected IP: 1

$40.00 / monthly
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Advanced DDOS Protection
Disk: 2,000 MB
Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
Protection Level: 500mb/s
Protected Websites: 1
Protected IP: 1

$50.00 / monthly
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Business DDOS Protection
Disk: 3,000 MB
Bandwidth: 15,000 MB
Protection Level: 1GB/s
Protected Websites: 1
Protected IP: 1

$80.00 / monthly
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Expert DDOS Protection
Disk: 5,000 MB
Bandwidth: 20,000 MB
Protection Level: 1.5GB/s
Protected Websites: 2
Protected IP: 1

$100.00 / monthly
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Standard Features
Powerful Xeon servers
LightSpeed powered web server
Externel hardware firewall
30 days money back guarantee
Free site transfer (cpanel only)

We Can Protect You
Nowadays the companies that haven't cared for their security lose billions of dollars at DDoS Attacks all over the world. Thousands of special companies constantly search for the solutions to prevent server attacks. However, having obtained world experience, SiSHCO experts make theoretical designs of the possible DDoS Attack and develop the methods of their control. Due to the systematic, analytical and research approach to the problem of constantly arising DDoS Attacks, we managed to achieve phenomenal results in prevention of development of the given threat. Basing on protection hardware and software, and well as on unique technological solutions, we install a strong reliable servers protection on the servers located at our site or rented in our company.

Our system protect you from all types of DDoS, which can be

TCP SYN-ACK Reflection Flood (DRDoS)
UDP Flood Attack (Trinoo)
Tribe Flood Network and Tribe Flood Network 2000
HTTP Flood Attack
ICMP Echo Request Flood
UDP Flood Attack

As a matter of fact flood is the attack linked to a numerous inquiries, usually senseless or generated in a wrong format, to computer system or the network equipment, with definite purpose or which results in system failure because of exhaustion of system resources, such as the processor, memory or liaison channels.

Our clients, using SiSHCO services, absolutely know, that, if they meet with IT difficulties, they can safely carry on business in spite of ICMP floods, teardrop attacks, peer-to-peer attacks, application level floods, nuke, distributed attack, reflected attack, unintentional attack and so on.