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    Looking at new company Costs - Cheap server

    Im looking at starting a business which will require scope for 100(ish) sites at start.
    These sites will each be under 20mb in size (most less than 1mb)
    each have their own domain (
    have very very little browsing traffic (im estimating no more than 100 hits per site per month for the vast majority)
    but email will differe between each site (i have very little idea on usage right now, but i highly doubt any more than 10-15 emails a day even on one of the larger sites - though many may use images)

    I have been looking around and reading this forum and have been looking at the Hetner Dedicated Server X2 (their cheapest dedicated server)

    I cannot imagine ill ever use the 160gb it offers (in RAID-1) and with 2tb data limit (after which is restricted) those specs dont worry me.

    My main concern is the processing power of the server, which at AMD Athlon 64 3700+, 1gb ram, I presume will not struggle too much with what I require with the use of CentOS 5.5 or Win 2008 R2 web (a suggestion in your opinion would be good)

    I was hoping someone here with far more experience might be able to help shed some light on it.

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    AMD athlon is a slow processor, running windows will slow this down considerably,especially on 1gb. With them above specs theres not much room for expansion. If one site gets busy one day the other 19 will start feeling the strain. What is your monthly budget? might be able to guide you a bit if you can tell us this.

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    monthly budget is currently a sliding scale of quality and cost.
    I dont expect more than 20 sites within the first six months and if it goes over that, my budget would increase to 80/m though as the project is starting off, id rather not get to the point of it costing more than say 40 a month maybe 50 at a push until i knew there was some money coming in.

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    If you have an email I can possibly send you some info?

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    You might consider a good quality VPS over a dedicated server for something like this, you could expand to a dedicated when the time is right.

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    What is your budget for this?

    Like [CTI] Todd said you might want to look into a decent VPS instead of a dedicated server with that CPU.

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    if you dont run windows i dont see a problem with those sites running on that server.

    i would recommend getting more ram if you can afford it.

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