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    Customer hacking issues

    I had a customer who had been hacked through his old scripts. I notified him but problem is he doesn't care and he did continue paying for email and web hosting. For web wise we have suspended him. What to do with this guy? He is on an old server that I am trying to migrate, what to do with this guy? Migrate him along?

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    I would migrate him along with the rest and if he continues to pay for something he's not using then so be it..

    I mean if you told the guy but he doesnt care, then you have done all you can.

    Good luck.

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    I have to agree with abtme on this one.

    So long as he is paying and its not affecting others sites then move him across. I mean, if he doesn't care don't worry about it.

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    You need to consider what type of hack it is. If its just his own data, thats his business.

    If there are vulnerabilities that could let someone use your server for spam, to upload a phishing site, etc. then you need to close the account down before you get yourself blacklisted.

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    Man that is my favorite customer... They pay and never use there hosting...

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    First step is make sure your TOS/AUP contains a statement that says something along the lines that customers are responsible for making sure all installed scripts/applications are kept up to date to minimise hacking.

    This will protect you in the situation or suspension or termination of services to the customer.

    You say that the customer does not care and just keeps paying. If that is the case, even if they are your "Best" customer be aware that they may simply chargeback for the whole hosting service saying it was un-authorised if you challange them with suspension/termination. This is why your TOS/AUP are very important to justify any actions.

    You also have to think of your other clients, is the customer worth the added danger that they may continue to get hacked leading to anything from blacklisted IP addresses to exploiting your server and effecting all clients.

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    Null route the vulnerable files in the account and migrate it. Also do a thorough scan on his account, find other vulnerable files if any and null route them also.
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    Long term you will likely have more trouble with the client if they did not resolve the issue. The last thing you want is risk other clients if the server is suspended by your network provider/data center.

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