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    What kind of service do I need?

    I already have dedicated servers but I don't have bandwidth. At least not affordable. I have to commit and pay even if I don't use 100MBs. I don't usually come close and actually commit to 10MBs burstable to 100MBs. If I bust 10MBs I pay double for the bandwidth and it drags down my servers.

    I would like to host 64-Bit Plesk for Linux on EC2 and an Icecast server. Can I do this? How do I contact Amazon to ask questions? I filled out the form two weeks ago and got no response. It doesn't have to be Amazon but from what I read their pricing is based on use and the"server" can expand as needs do in real-time. I have a niche market that involves streaming audio that is usually predictable. But sometimes we have very large spikes. Sometimes they are sustained spikes.

    I am in the hosting business and understand what a dedicated server is. I understand what a VPS is - I sell Virtuozzo. I understand load balancing and clustering -- renamed a "cloud." No mystery there. But when it comes to fulfilling my needs where do I look? If not Amazon, who? Does Amazon have a telephone number?
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    Amazon is definitely not known for their support. Basically, it's a provider that is geared towards a self-sufficient user. There are a lot of better options out there that can provide you with what you need, better pricing, and much better support.

    I understand load balancing and clustering -- renamed a "cloud."
    Actually Clustering is Clustering, and is not necessarily what defines a Cloud either. While Cloud infrastructure's are built on multiple nodes the end-user service such as a Cloud Server or EC2 Instance is a single encapsulated environment. It's just one OS like a stand-alone server or VPS. It is not Clustered it just has access to run on multiple nodes for scalability, increased reliability, and location independence. Clustering can still be done on Clouds with load balancer's and many other appliances but Clustering in and of itself is still different than Cloud.

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    Seriously, if your provider is charging you $600+/mo for 10Mbit unmetered (about how much you'd be paying with Amazon, at 20.1/GB for the first 10TB), you should consider moving to a different provider. It's not worth paying $60+/Mbit for pure XO bandwidth in the Los Angeles region.

    Also, are you running into actual hardware limitations, e.g., I/O, CPU, etc., or just bandwidth?
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    Hi below is the amazons toll free number. I hope this will helpful for you.

    1- 866-2161072

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    There are many Web hosting companies , which provide you fully managed dedicated servers ffmpeg enabled. Also check Hosting offers category on WHT, that will help you a lot.

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    I didn't say what we pay for bandwidth. $40/Mbit. But it goes to $67 if we bust our 10MBit baseline.

    We own our own hardware from the router to the switches to the firewalls to the servers. We need bandwidth. Moving to a different provider just isn't practical because with have over 1024 IP's with 90% assignment. Our normal bandwidth needs are less than 10Mbit at any given time. Besides bandwidth we need flexible CPU and apache connections during spikes. We can get over 1000 connections to Icecast in an instant and then not need even 10 for the rest of the month. With cell phones accessing streaming audio and proxied on port 80 we can run out of apache connections fast. If the connection hands off to Icecast and releases that's fine. But if it's persistent we have a problem.

    This is where EC2 came into play.

    What other external options do I have? I don't want to keep it in-house. As a web hosting provider already I won't pay retail.
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    Amazon expects you to be able to basically do management and support all on your own. Their servers are very reliable (Which was why it made news when they went down), and they assume you know what you're doing.

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