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Thread: UltraLink.Net?

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    Is run by Joe Merkle? or has he given up?

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    Hmmm... The name Joe Merkle brings back nightmares.

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    To answer your question: No, Ultra Internet (, is not in any way affiliated with Galaxy-Web Internet Services. That company is out of business; defunct. We purchased their old equipment from their upstream provider, who had acquired it. We kept all their DNS/IPs, and paid an extra year of the Galaxy-Web domain name in order to allow our local dialup users to retain their email addresses (many of them businesses, with the Gweb email address printed on literature). We took on Gweb's local dialup customer base; however, due to liability issues, opted not to take on its web-hosting customers. We did offer its (web-hosting) customers services at a special rate if they wanted to remain on our servers; some decided to take the deal, and some did not.

    I hope this answers any of your questions. If you would like to inquire any further, you may email me at [email protected], or call (573) 369-3300.

    Thank you,

    H. Cato

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