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    Exclamation Offering My Service As Volunteer Customer Support

    I am offering my service as a Volunteer Customer Support Staff. I have great English as I attended a Private English Schooling system and I also have a great knowledge in Web Hosting, Web Development and also technical support.
    As a Volunteer staff I expect to be treated fairly as although I was just a regular worker.
    I will work upon my own hours as I said I am a volunteer but do promise to spend a while answering tickets each day.
    In order to contact me you may email me at
    [email protected]
    Thank you and please do come in contact.

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    This is the wrong section of the forum, and as you're new we're unable to send you private messages.

    Your best bet is to edit your original post quickly (15 minute timeframe) and provide contact details so those interested may contact you.
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    Ok, and thank you for giving me the heads up.

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    We may have a position for you at evolucix. I'll contact you in a bit after I've spoken with my staff.

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    moved to 'job requests'.
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