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    Swedish (or European) dedicated/colo providers?


    We're looking to rent some dedicated nodes with these specs:
    Dual Quad Core Xeon, 24TB Ram and 12x2TB nodes
    $1000 USD / $600 per month Euro, Gigabit uplink

    24xTB 4U data nodes

    Can any one recommend a data center for this? We're currently have quite a few nodes with SofyLayer but want to expand to the European markets.

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    Sweden is going to cost you considerably much more than for example Netherlands, Germany or the UK. Only go for you Sweden if you really have to.

    For other Europe, check out LeaseWeb (Netherlands).

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    10,574 is one option, but they are not cheap by any means.

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    How much traffic do you need with these servers?
    YISP - High Bandwidth dedicated servers and colocation in YISP-AS(Amsterdam)!

    Contact: info "(AT)"

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    The budget is reasonable for the specs you need, I'm sure you'll find that in SE or EU.
    Is it also important that the servers you rent are put together with the colocated server? (I assume it will be serving as storage server?). - Online in no time
    Dedicated Servers in [EU] Netherlands with DAILY support, also on weekends
    DDOS Protected network - 100% Money Back if it doesn't work for you
    Streaming / IPTV allowed | Up to 10 Gbit ports | 100% Network Uptime

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    About the Gigabit uplink, how much bandwidth are you planing to use?
    Do you need managed service or unmanaged?
    I suggest that you try to look at the offers section first, by doing that you will gain good information on the European market.

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    If that is 24 GB ram and 24 TB disk - there are many providers in NL offering these configs from stock.

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    Very useful recommendation

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    We would like to be able to purchase our own storage nodes to colocate and just lease the dedicated nodes, this helps get a better deal on bandwidth and the storage nodes don't need to be directly connected to the internet.

    It's far more economical this way I believe. I'd also like a place that doesn't just resell, but has hands on deck and can accommodate if any thing were to happen.

    Yes that is 24GB Ram, not 24TB per node.

    Netherlands/Germany is definitely a strong consideration. We would need one that is user friendly and privacy orientated.

    We plan on using full Gigabit capacity where possible, and as much as we can get away with really within that budget.

    Can any one else make any specific recommendations?

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    If you want privacy go with the Netherlands . Germany is far stricter when it comes to server content .

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    You can talk to Savvas @, they've operation in Sweden.

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    The people around here are right.. Choose Netherlands instead of Sweden or Germany (yeah, some of the hosts here are way to strict with server content)
    Creatifox - From May 13th!

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    1gbps unmeterd on Sweden will be around 1.5keuros+ NL should be a better choice.

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