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    HP DL360 G3 server - Colocated at FDC Chicago

    I would like to sell the machine I have currently colocated at FDC in the Chicago board of trade. The server specs are as follows:

    HP DL 360 G3
    2x xeon @ 2.8ghz
    4x 512mb RAM (Total of 2GB)
    2x 73GB SCSI disk drives
    HP iLO currently installed, enabled, connected.

    The machine is not much, but what is really of value here is the colocation service that you would be able to take over. FDC is no longer signing up single-u customers in the chicago facility and by purchasing this machine from me, you would be able to login to the system over the iLO connection, perform your own OS install, change payment information in FDC's CRM and carry on with the service I've currently got. I currently have 100mbit un-metered service at $79 a month. The iLO IPMI connection has been hooked up and remains hooked up at no charge.

    I am only asking $50 for this server, although I dont really want to have to arrange for shipping of the machine, so I would really prefer you keep it colocated there.

    If you have any questions please post in this thread or shoot me a PM.


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    I will throw in 8GB of RAM if someone agrees to $100 for the machine. That is surely worth it for the RAM alone.

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