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    help one choosing from two systems

    two systems are almost same price,

    1)I7 920 + 12G + hardware RAID1 + 2x 147G SAS
    2) dual E5560 + 12G + 1x 147G SAS

    Which one is better for vbulletin? Thanks.

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    The one with RAID1, duh!

    The dual e5560 will blow the i7 away with performance though.
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    courious what is the budget for your project and do these fit with in it. "Where the client comes first!"
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    I could care less about the processor, a server with a Raid system is definitely a lot better than 1 which is without. LOL.
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    I would go for the one with HW raid. - Dedicated & virtual servers - Colocation

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    The first one should do the job just fine, the advantage is the RAID1.
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