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    Web hosting and digital downloads

    I am starting a site in which I am going to upload about 50 different zip files. Each file will possibly reach a maximum of 2gigabytes. I allow people to purchase the files and download them. However, there may be times when a 2gigabyte file is being constantly downloaded. Lets say 200 times in one day. Is there a regular hosting service that provides this service and if not is there another way I could somehow host these files to be downloaded?

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    Looks like you will need a dedicated server to serve this kind of 'file download' services. I bet you won't be able to do this on Shared Hosting or VPS hosting.
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    I'd say you need a VPS or dedicated server with an unmetered port to have the best chance of doing that effectively. You might be able to do it at a shared provider but I wouldn't push my luck.
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    A VPS server is minimum requirement if you need that much space and bandwidth every day.

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    I suggest you go with a dedicated server with unmetered high speed port. With around 200 downloads per day of a file about 2 Gigabyte, you can't go wrong having a dedicated server with that.

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    Yes,You need to go with the Dedicated server that too with high speed CPU and enough Ram to run the uploads and downloads .


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    If you are going with a VPS make sure you get 'Unmetered' connection on a good port speed or a high monthly bandwidth on a high speed port. Most dedicated servers these days have 5-10TB a month bandwidth which might be work well for you.

    Good luck! Make sure to check out the offers area for companies offering better bandwidth & ports speed upgrades for free etc

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    I have seen so called file hosting.
    Maybe you just need to pay more attention on such kind of web hosting services?

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    You may also consider the cloud hosting solution.

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    I would suggest a good dedicated server. There are several options that include leasing and colocation.

    Generally when you lease, the company you lease it from own the hardware, and offer a hardware replacement guarantee along with possibly some kind of management. The advantage of that is that everything is taken care of for you, and all you have to do is to find a reputable provider (you can eventually use the advertising forums here), and pay your bills. It is also possible to choose that software management should not be included with most providers - thus lovering the monthly commitment a bit, but also increasing your work.

    Colocation means that you own and operate your own hardware, you have to go to the data center in case of failures and so on. Some also provides remote hands services - some free - others paid.

    The advantage of that option is that you own your own hardware, and generally get a lower price over the long term along with greater control. But the upfront investment is larger, and you have more work.
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    It really depends on your budget, there are plans that do semi dedicated with unlimited bandwidth, semi dedicated will obviously be cheaper than dedicated. Colocation is going to be expensive to start out.

    Low budget = semi dedicated

    higher budget = dedicated

    very high budget = colo

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