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    You need a DNS server. Most Domain registrars provide DNS hosting for their customers.

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    would be a good idea to get a hold of a free control panel. would have your life easier! Will need to setup some form of DNS for your server.
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    Installing control panel will be very helpfull for you to manage things.

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    I was about to say something else other than your suggestions above. Since I saw that he had like a ton of new topics opened and I'm guessing he's knowing about 0 about server management. I would like to say that the OP should actually get a Server Management Team to manage his server instead of trying to ask all the time when you are in trouble.

    The reason is that sometimes you might get your answer but sometimes you will not and not knowing is the same as leaving the thing unchecked or unattended to which basically means the problem will not go away!
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