Hello everyone,

I am here to offer another job position at CheetahHost. We are looking for someone who can do all of the following:

Represent us in the community
Advertise in local areas ( Must be around larger communities)
Give out TShirts, Cups, Pencils, find new ways of marketing our brand.

We need someone who will go out, find people who need a sponsor, hosting, or a solution that we can provide. A person that will help us transition to a physical location, and a name that pops in someones head when they think hosting. We will be taking a few people in this position.

To apply for this job, I need you to email your CV to jobs at cheetahhost.net. Tell us why you would be good for the job, what tools you have, and how hard will you be willing to work.

Pay will be primarily Commission based, but upon satisfaction an hourly rate will be introduced.