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    Question regarding DSL Modem IP

    Hi all,
    I want to apply settings where my ISP IP address when entered in any browser shouldn't redirect to my modem settings page.
    For example, If my ISP IP address is 202.XX.XX.XX and my DSL Modem IP address is Now if I type 202.XX.XX.XX in any browser it redirect me to my DSL Modem Configuration page (just like when I type

    Can anyone tell me how this can be disabled means if someone type my IP it shouldn't redirect me to my DSL modem configuration page.


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    It would probably be helpful if you could give us the brand/model of your modem, though if it's not an option in the configuration it might not be possible without some more "serious" trickery (i.e. opening the modem up, etc. etc.)

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    Yep, sure
    My Modem Model number is Huawei 510

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    For my self,(with DSL-2540T), I changed the webPort from 80 to some other port number to secure my modem better.

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    Can u tell me how can I change my port from 80 to another?

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    See my screenshot attached
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails screenshot.png  

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    Further down on the screen shown in the screenshot, do you have "Remote web management", "Remote SSH management" etc. enabled? If so, disable them.

    Edit: My mistake - it's the OP who should be looking at that screen and disabling remote management. Running the admin interface on port 80 doesn't really matter provided it's not accessible from the outside world.

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    I have disabled WAN IP HTTP access and now it works fine
    Thanx guys for helping me out

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    thanks.. was having the same problem

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