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    Question Confused with SolusVM


    I rent a vps hosted on SolusVM but i have nooo idea what licenses i need for control panels such as plesk, as all i can find which is at the right price is for Virtuozzo, it's been a while since i done all this (few years infact) and last time i was on a dedicated machine... but ovh/kimsufi now has a stupid and un-needed 50 setup fee which makes even their cheapest server out of my price range.

    So if someone can clear up what licence i would need for a linux server hosted on a solusvm server then that would be great... ideally plesk as cpanel is too expensive for now... need some customers before i get anthing fancy

    First priority is covering the server fee and upgrading to a dedi once this is done... but yeah my question is:

    What licence do i need for a SolusVM VPS? Virtuozzo or another licence? and where is the cheapest reseller (under 10 a month if poss 30 domains is all thats needed for now)
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    If you are on a VPS, your VPS provider can usually provide you with the hosting panel license you need.

    Make sure you get the VPS version of Plesk/cPanel as it is much cheaper than the one you get for a Dedicated server.

    You don't need a particular license for the VPS panel aka SolusVM. You just need a "VPS license" for your VPS, Virtuozzo, OPenVZ, Xen all the license are the same for the "VPS version". It is differentiated as only a Dedicated server license or VPS license.

    Contact your VPS provider and/or Datacenter and you should usually get the "in-house" license for cheap.
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    It depends, you can't use a VPS license in HVM/KVM virtualization last time I checked as the license/software will see it as a full dedicated server and not as a VPS... Things may have changed.
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