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    Windows Server Licensing Help. SPLA?

    I'm really new to this since only recently have we been getting lots of requirements for dedicated servers and VDSes.

    Windows Server licenses are a fortune. Keep in mind I'm a complete noob here... I heard people throw around the term SPLA.

    Currently I have someone who charges me $39/month per Windows 2008 Standard license.

    1. $39/mo for a Win2008Std Lic... Does that sound right?
    2. Are there bulk discounts? We needs lots of VDS licenses and I heard there are 10 packs for $30 or something?
    3. Is there some Web2.0ish provider from whom I can just rent licenses easily on demand?


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    There are no volume discounts available from Microsoft, its one price for any number of licenses.
    $39 is high for it, you should be able to get it around $25-$30

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    This should cover some of your licensing queries. If you are heavily utilising virtualisation, then there are options to reduce your licensing costs.

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