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    Question Share vbulletin login?

    I've had a vbulletin forum already, and will develop another app.

    I don't want new login system on on the new app, the best idea is just to use existing vbulletin login. My new app just need to check if a user has logged into vbulletin, if not, send him to vbulletin login page, otherwise, let him go further to use my app showing his vbulletin username. It looks quite simple. But I have no clue to begin, any one could help me a little bit? Many thanks in advance.
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    new user signs up;
    - mysql query if user exists in vbulletin?
    yes - login with your existing credentials(and chek them!)
    no - create new user in your new app and also create new user in vbulletin

    common signin done.

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    Connect to vbulletin user database and check the password is not so easy dude. There are some ways on google.

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