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    Need help creating a table

    I made a header and got it all going good but I am having an issue when trying to make the rest of the page.

    I want to put a table the same size as the header with the same outline style etc below the header for me to put text and pictures and whatever.
    When I try to make a table below it it aligns the table to the left and there is no option to center it (using frontpage).

    I am not a web designer just trying to make a little site for my business so I am not that great with this stuff. Im sure some of you would be able to figure it out pretty easy.

    Here is my header.
    Here is what happens when I try to make a table below it for text.

    Please tell me how to correct this. Thanks

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    Nevermind. I think I got it. For some reason I couldnt find the center option in the table propertys but I found it now. Thanks

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    Why dont you use DIV..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjohnsonfs View Post
    Why dont you use DIV..?
    Frontpage would likely choke on them, as it's been EOL since what, 2006?
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    Could always try
    If your using frontpage and want to move forward a little.
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    There are many great tutorials on web design and using divs on Youtube.

    I am sure here as well.

    Divs are better as tables are the old format. Divs provide a better design because you can control them using css.

    Just a thought.

    Good luck!

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    heya! i had a look at your website. There are a lot of <td> tags. Tables is obsolete. Go for Div.

    I can help you out with the design if you want to (freely) ;-)

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