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    Please Review imgkeep

    imgkeep has been around about 8 months and has grown quite a bit. We host right around 200,000 images and since spreading the word the past week or so it has grown to up-to 23,000 more each day. For this reason another server will be added today. Just wondering if you guys have any other ideas, besides a FireFox add-on. That will come soon. Listed below are the tools we offer currently. As you can see from the site layout, I like simple!


    Desktop Applet
    A light-weight application that allows you to capture and share screen shots anywhere on the internet. After you have installed the program, all you need to do to initiate a screen capture is press Ctrl + F1. Then simply drag out the area you want to capture, and the image will automatically be uploaded. You can change the keys to screen capture after you've installed the program. This program requires .NET Framework to run.

    Chrome Add-On
    Sharing your favorite images has never been so easy from a web browser! Simple right click on any image and upload right to your imgkeep account.

    Desktop Client
    By installing out desktop client, you can remote/upload 100's of images off your PC right to your imgkeep account.
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    Very nice indeed!!

    Resize images,etc

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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