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    Merging Tables in Databases


    i have an Vbulletin Database file. recently i have deleted some ids in the site and by deleting the ids, there posts, polls and other stuff also got deleted. i have the backup of the database before deleting the id. right now i want to retrieve there ids and there corresponding posts.
    i have a database that is running live in the site . so is there any way to merge the 2 database, so that the ids which got deleted can only be retrieved ?

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    Cross reference the two tables to see what's missing in your live one compared to your backup.

    Then just append those rows.

    If your live table auto-incs the primary key, they should be missing from your live table anyways. Just re-insert them and it should be fine.
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    can you explain me little bit more. so that i can follow your steps

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