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    Question Anyone using Solid State Drives for their hosting servers?

    We have a few customers asking for SSD to be put into their servers.

    I'm still a little leery about this, as SSD is still fairly "new" technology and I'm not sure it's ready for prime-time always-on requirements.

    Normally we use 7200rpm standard drives in a RAID config. But some customers want more speed since i/o is often the bottleneck...

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I'd say they are good for Dedicated Server Customers. For shared and so on, the increase in speed won't change much your overall performance for the actual cost difference. On the other hand, a Dedicated Customer with a high usage web site might benefit alot from SSD.
    It is something to consider, but as every technology, price will go down in no time.
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    If the customer wants it, and is willing to pay an additional price for it, then I don't see why not to offer it to them if you're able to.

    The best you can do is be informative and let them know the technology is new, but what the customer wants is what the customer wants. If you don't deliver it, they may find someone else who will.
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    I've used them a bit, starting to see the cost come more in line with other high speed drives. We currently have an application that requires very quick access times and we opted to deploy it on a SSD array as opposed to a SAS. Very happy with the performance.
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