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    Merging 2 Databases


    i have an Vbulletin Database file. recently i have deleted some ids in the site and by deleting the ids, there posts, polls and other stuff also got deleted. i have the backup of the database before deleting the id. right now i want to retrieve there ids and there corresponding posts.
    i have a database that is running live in the site . so is there any way to merge the 2 database, so that the ids which got deleted can only be retrieved ?

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    bit of an up hill task, but you need to study the mysql tables and work out which tables are involved in the users and posts.. then select all the posts and user id's into a third DB, and then import those into the live DB.

    Have you tried posting your question to the vbulletin forums ?


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    i guess we have a option to merge the database, so that only deleted tables and posts will be merged to the live database.

    if there is an option like this, can anyone help me

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    Id use php for this. Check if the row exists or not and add your insert query.

    Not difficult at all.

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    Head over to the Vbulletin forums, they have would have more experience than the users here
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