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    Help me deside which platform to use

    Hi i want to create a social and i was a little confused about what engine to use. I have found the followings
    Boonex, Elgg, Jomsocial

    What do you suggest me to use ?? I want to have stability and good performance. I have read many negatives about Boonex code, Elgg has not yet shown anything great for portfolio, Jomsocial is installed at joomla CMS and i dont know how that affects the speed.

    So can you help me what platform to choose? If you have any other suggestion please do so .


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    I did little search over internet and found a good site where the 5 Best Open-Source Social Networking Software is listed.


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    I think you should go for Jomsocial, most of the people use it ...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjohnsonfs View Post
    I think you should go for Jomsocial, most of the people use it ...!
    Have you made any social on Jomsocial yourself .??

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    You can find the list of the softwares

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    I saw the list thanks.

    Which of them considered to be the Best ??

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