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    * FREE 1000 GB HDD RAID10+ 4GB RAM.CHEAPEST VPS - Say ur price & get it + FREE 3 months

    Save $$$ : Say your price & w'll do it + FREE 3 months + Free 4 GB RAM + FREE 1000 GB RAID 10 SPACE!!! WHT Only Offer. 5 SImple Steps!!

    Step 1: Open a ticket here
    Step 2: Mention the price you are paying at your previous VPS provider along with the specifications
    Step 3: We will provide you with a custom order link with your specifications and pricing
    Step 4: Complete the order and pay the first month's invoice; your VPS will be instantly setup
    Step 5: Reply to the ticket after making the first month's payment so that we can add 3 months free credit to your account. Also you will receive FREE RAM upgrade and FREE HDD space upgrades as per the following rules:

    For $20-$40 monthly pricing: Get additional 1 GB FREE RAM + 10 GB FREE HDD Space for life
    For $41-$60 monthly pricing: Get additional 2 GB FREE RAM + 50 GB FREE HDD Spacefor life
    For $61-$100 monthly pricing: Get additional 3 GB FREE RAM + 100 GB FREE HDD Spacefor life
    For $101 or above monthly pricing: Get additional 4 GB FREE RAM + 1 TB FREE HDD Space for life

    The offer expires on 31 May, 2011. Only a few slots are available on a "first-come-first-serve" basis.

    Why Us

    24x7 Phone Support: Starting from June 1, 2011 we will provide 24x7 free unlimited phone support (standard call charges apply)

    Our Assurance: Every Linux virtual private server plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, 24x7 superior support, 99.9% uptime and performance assurance.

    Instant Setup: Your VPS will be setup instantly (in 1 minute) after the payment has been recorded successfully.

    VPS Management:
    All servers are semi-managed with superior support included at no additional cost. If you use cPanel on your server, it will be fully managed at no additional cost.

    Free Bonus Bandwidth (on L4 or higher plans): Now enjoy free bonus 10 Mbps unmetered bandwidth after crossing the free 1 Gbps data transfer limit in a month. You will have to open a support ticket after crossing your free 1 Gbps transfer limit to get the free 10 Mbps bonus bandwidth.

    Our huge monster XEON nodes (with more than 70 GHz CPU power per node!!) make them all possible! Now you can enjoy "Premium VPS Performance" at a "Budget Price".

    "Performance" and "Cheap Price" now can go side-by-side.


    Money Back Guarantee

    We offer 30-day money back guarantee with all our Linux VPS hosting plans.
    No strings attached!

    For more details about our VPS plans or to place a new order please visit here.

    For any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    █ \ Axisnext VPS \ Managed High Performance Linux VPS, Performance Assured 100%
    █ \ RAID10 HDD, DDR3 RAM, 1 Gbps Unmetered Instant Setup

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    since when r u providing the services ?

    1. What is the cost of cpanel and DA ?
    2. Do u provide backup ?
    3. Where are the servers located and what's the configuration ?
    4. Is legal adult content allowed ? I am pretty sure adult content isn't allowed on an Indian hosted server.
    5. What is the port speed ?
    6. What is the average ticket response time ?
    7. Do u offer D-dos protection ?
    8. What is ur DMCA policy ?

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    Thank you for your interest.

    We don't offer any license unfortunately.

    We provide weekly NAS backups (currently under BETA)

    The servers are located in Germany mainly. We use high quality Xeon servers for all VPS. You can get more details here.

    Port speed is 1 Gbps.

    Ticket response time will depend on the type of request. We provide free managed services; so at times it can be slower. But you can expect an average response time of around 4 hours.

    We offer DOS protection but not DDOS.

    Please send an email to the abuse department for DMCA policies.
    █ \ Axisnext VPS \ Managed High Performance Linux VPS, Performance Assured 100%
    █ \ RAID10 HDD, DDR3 RAM, 1 Gbps Unmetered Instant Setup

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