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Full Rack -$800/month
• 100% Uptime Guarantee!
• 20 Amp 110 Volt Power (un-metered)
• 5 Mpbs @ the 95th percentile included
• Full BGP Network with Multiple Upstream Providers
• Diverse fiber paths
• 16 IP’s Included (Additional IP’s available)
• 1 Free Network Cross Connect per Rack
• Forever Support
• Biometric Scanner access control
• Customer Power Configuration Available

Half Rack - Request a quote
• Half a Rack of space
• Access to one (1) 20A Power receptacle
• 24 X 7 X 365 Immediate Access to Your Equipment
• Free 2 hours support from our Live Support staff during business hours

2U of Rack Space - $75/month
• 100% Guaranteed Uptime
• Bandwidth as low as $15/Mbps
• Multiple Upstream Providers
• Full Private Cages Available
• 1Mbps @ 95th Included
• FREE reboots during business hours

KnoxColo- is the leading provider of advanced web hosting solutions. We have the experience, high-end equipment, and cutting edge web hosting technology it takes to provide successful and stress-free web hosting services for all of your business and personal applications.

At KnoxColo - we pride ourselves on our service and 24×7 live US based technical web hosting support. With more than 10 years experience in the hosting industry, we know that it is all about the customer. With KnoxColo you can rest assured that you are getting the best web hosting value – supported by the most experienced people in the industry.