Earlier this week, we rolled out our new SHOUTcast control panel which offers more features and an easier to use interface compared to our old system, Cast-Control SHOUTcast Panel. Cast-Control 2.0, also known as Cast-Control Media Control Panel, builds on the success of the previous system and allows for customers to manage their streams more easily using the latest SHOUTcast 1.9.8 software and AutoDJ technology.
We’ve rolled this fantastic software out to ALL current SHOUTcast customers and all new SHOUTcast customers will also get this capability.
We’re really proud to be using this software as it’s leaps ahead of the previous SHOUTcast panel and it helps us grow as a company with reliable, low cost services.

A screenshot of the new SHOUTcast control panel "Cast Control Media Control Panel"

To celebrate our adoption of this great new piece of software from Cast-Control, we’re offering a massive 20% off to all new SHOUTcast streams (new or existing customers). This offer will end on June 30th. To take advantage of this fantastic recurring discount, just enter the promotional code “CASTCONTROL” (without the quotes) into the promotion code box when ordering your service.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this, please use the links below to get in touch.