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    [UK] Game Servers

    New fixed prices were introduced for all new servers:
    Slot Public: £ 0.40 / $ 0.80 / 0,50 €
    Slot Private: £ 0.30 / $ 0.60 / 0,45 €
    For each game

    In addition, every new server I get from, and precisely every server ordered us to get a server Fast Download completely FREE!

    Expiration date of each new server is 30 days.

    In addition to adding servers Bonus Slots:
    10-13 slots - one slot for free!
    14-17 slots - two slots for free!
    18-23 Slots - 3 slots for free!
    more than 23 slots - 4 slots for free!

    If you have any questions, please write to our consultant:
    [email protected]

    All prices include 20% VAT.

    Screen shot from user game panel:
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    EGS Control enables to introduce various modifications with the usage of a web browser – no additional applications are required. All of that is possible due to integrated software. What is more, EGS Control allows to install the most popular and desirable add-ons directly through the panel; installation of a given add-on requires just three mouse clicks! As the flagship of Electronic Game Studios, EGS Control is constantly developed with new functions, which are simple and functional – or user friendly, in short. You are most warmly invited to use our services.

    * Command-line interface – a data-reading device that allows to pass commands in real-time.
    * Files – access to physical files on game server located on an FTP server; enables configuration, adding and deleting files.
    * Config generator – a device that allows the user to generate configuration settings according to provided data
    * Passwords – editing access passwords and changing a game server name.
    * Server history – preview of actions conducted by the user.
    * Info – access to detailed pieces of information on game server (password, login, FTP password).
    * Startup command – allows to edit startup commands of a game server.
    * Advertisement – adding ads at specific frequency determined by server’s command-line interface.
    * Maps – a device that enables activation and deactivation of server maps.
    * Users – enables to ascribe game server and/or admin status to a specific user.
    * Add-ons – that is where the most popular game add-ons are kept; they may be installed without copying any files by the user.
    * Server reinstall – a device that allows to reintroduce all the standard game server files.
    * Update – a function that enables the user to update the game server without the need to reinstall it.

    EGS Control is a modern hosting platform that renders professional services to players who seek high quality at an affordable price. Thanks to our experience, each and every player will enjoy playing on your own server.
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