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    Exclamation Mako Solutions - anyone have a server with them? 10 days, no server has arrived ...


    We ordered a server with them on May 16th, 2-3 days later we were asked to provided a scanned copy of our credit card and government ID, for which we did. Since then we have created 2 tickets, both have gone unanswered for 1 week. To this day, apart from a canned response asking for our verification details, we have not received a human response from them.

    Has anyone ordered a server with MakoSolutions before? Are any of you current customers? How has their support been for you?


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    I would be running at that point if you haven't even gotten responses..
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    If they do not keep you updated - that is bad sign and I think that is a signal for you to start thinking about chargeback.

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    are they reseller of if so, delay is normal!

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    Even if there is a delay in setup, the least thing they could do is give them an eta or at least let them know they are dealing with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ParkerGala View Post
    are they reseller of if so, delay is normal!
    Not anymore...we ramped up production months ago, and service delivery has been much faster. There are even 24 hour and 48 hour expedited delivery options now...

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    if they have taken the Id's and all paper work has been collected then they should be able to give you an ETA on the server being online. did they quote you a build time or was they having a huge sale I have notice this seems to slow providers down quite a bit. they are not usually ready for the overwhelming response they get to an earth shattering deal! "Where the client comes first!"
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