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Thread: plesk on debian

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    plesk on debian

    Some server providers do not recommend installing plesk on ubuntu (surprisingly to me) but they offer a free installation of plesk with debian.

    Do you think of any reason why this may be ?
    which is more popular; plesk on debian or plesk on ubuntu ?

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    Well Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux . I guess it's because ubuntu focuses more on desktop installs then on server installs it is recommended that you just use the more server friendly release aka Debian .

    I'm no expert on the issue thou . I only run CentOS on my servers .

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    i had faced many issue while installing plesk on a ubuntu machine, even though it can be done it might be the work involved turning support from giving out this

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    I went to Parallels site and they offer Plesk 9.5 and 10 for both Debian and Ubuntu.

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