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    Juniper EX4200 24P/24T Pricing

    I'm looking to purchase the Juniper EX4200 for a top of the rack switch. The two models I am looking at are the EX4200 24P and the EX4200 24T. It looks like the only difference between the 24P and 24T is that the 24P has PoE on all 24 ports while the 24T only has PoE on 8 ports. I do not need PoE as I will be connecting servers to the switch.

    I had assumed that the the 24P would be more expensive since it has more functionality but many places are selling it for several hundred dollars less. Am I missing something or is it safe to pick up the 24P to save a couple hundred dollars and just disable the PoE capabilities?

    Here is one place that is selling the 24P for less than the 24T:

    24T for $2679:

    24P for $2267:

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    I was also under the same impression (POE being more feature rich ~= more expensive). Could just be economies of scale?

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    The list price of the 24P is an additional $800.

    The 24P has 24x POE ports, the 24T has POE on the first 8 ports. Depending on your environment it's worth noting that the 24P has larger power supplies which stick out the back of the chassis. The larger PSU are also quite rear heavy so does drop a bit at the back when rack mounted. Easily solved with a shelf however.

    If you don't need stacking capabilities have a look at the EX3200 as well. The only difference is the stacking capability on the 24 port version. On the 48 port EX3200 using a uplink module disables the last two copper ports.

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    ijg0, thanks. I suppose I'll go with the 24P then. The reason for getting the EX4200 over the EX3200 is the redundant power supplies.

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