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    Suggest "Managed WINDOWS" -low cost dedicated provider

    i have servers in softlayer for windows server.

    The servers seems to be little costly.

    can u suggest any managed windows dedicated service provider

    with plesk control panel.

    i need a xeon 3430 server
    windows 2008
    8gb ram
    plesk 10 unlimited edition

    ms-sql express edition

    for around 160 to 180$ range with fully managed and best support.

  2. Hello andrew34,

    Unfortunately, you're looking to increase your service level, while decreasing your price. You'll either end up with a budget provider who only claims to support you, or you'll sacrifice quality elsewhere. You'd need to raise your budget significantly to get full management and the 'best support'.

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    Here's a fast question to you. What do you need in terms of support? What do you need done on the server?

    The thing I hate most about supporting a Windows Server is when someone does something crazily wrong on the server, there's basically almost no way to fix it back. Eg. someone deleted a .dll file or something like that which is needed. You'll be so out of luck even if you're on a Managed Server.
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    we run windows server since 10 years.
    we have a good quality admin within our company.

    the problem is regarding plesk control panel.

    one of the data center which i dont want mention here,stopped providing support to plesk.

    they blame it on parallel seems parallel plesk is worst in terms of support.

    so we need to check out in wht,who can provide best support for plesk based dedicated server.

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