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    Nameservers Keep Changing Randomly to Previous Host!?

    Help required indeed!

    Without any intervention by myself, my nameservers keep changing!!!

    It's not a security issue. I am the only person involved in site dev and I have also changed passwords as a belt and braces approach

    I used web-mania as registrar and host, but due to extremely poor service and server uptime I've moved home to Semoweb. Due to lack of response from web-mania, I paid Nominet 12 to change registrar to 123-reg(I am not wanting to keep eggs in the same basket due to nightmare with web-mania)

    I have set the nameservers, 1 and 2 on 123-reg to point at my semoweb space as provided. Since then, for a few hours a day everyday, my url changes between previous and past host. it is NOT a local cache issue CERTAIN!! when this happens i cannot view any details on 123-reg as it says the domain is not registered with them!

    Present host - Semoweb, although I wrongly accused them in the first instance, have said all is fine at their end - btw I'm extremely pleased with their service to date :-)

    Web-mania - unresponsive, waste of time, need taking off the map

    Nominet - say no changes have been made since they changed registrar for me. They have checked logs too and seemed pretty thorough

    123-reg. Well. I think I keep getting someone different every time we message, but they don't seem to have a clue what the problem is and are having me chase my tail and go over old ground and to date after erm 10+ messages are still not sure what I'm trying to say

    Anyone got any ideas? I'm at the end of my tether here and my client is giving me a big headache atm, due to lots of downtime with previous host

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    How many days has this been going on for? I think this is a cache issue. I don't think anyone is logging into your 123-reg account and changing the nameservers back and forth. Do you?
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    update from present registrar

    this has been ongoing for weeks

    100% certain not a local cache issue, tried bypassing cache and flushing dns first off. Even my client and site visitors are complaining

    123 have now acknowledged the problem after witnessing it. there must be around 30 messages between the 2 of us now. there latest message is below. This can't be right!!! They just say get in touch with my previous unresponsive host to resolve

    basically they are saying tough **** and it will go on as long as web-mania want it to go on...

    Thank you for contacting 123-reg on the 27th May 2011.

    We have full control over the domain name however we do not have access to the 3rd party systems of web-mania whose nameservers are still providing the DNS information for which is causing you these issues.

    If we can be of any further help with regard to this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards


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    Post the domain into This may give you some clue as to why this is happening. But I suspect it will show what 123-reg is telling you, that web-mania are still providing DNS info.
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    yeah, quite right stub!

    it's all over the show

    how can i get it sorted? any ideas?

    123 reg just say get in touch with the previous unresponsive registrar/host who are going bump and ask the to stop it

    i wouldn't have paid nominet 12 if i could get anywhere with web-mania, oh soon to be yorhost (spelling correct)

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    btw is showing the dns records wrong in several sections!

    Domain NS records is correct for present host

    NS records from your nameservers - wrong
    Missing nameservers reported by parent - FAIL and mentions previous host

    I suspect when the site is working fine, this report will look fine hmmm

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    Well quite simply if you are now using semoweb, set the DNS servers to semoweb that your host tells you too at 123reg.

    You said "I have set the nameservers, 1 and 2 on 123-reg to point at my semoweb space as provided." If this is the case, and the WHOIS shows semoweb AND webmania's DNS servers AT THE SAME TIME, tell 123reg to get their finger out and remove the webmania ones so you only see the semoweb NS.

    123reg now have control of this domain, the very least they can do is offer useful advice. That or tell me teh domain name and I will check for you.
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    apparently sorted! thank **** for that!!!

    i sent 123-reg a shot of and told them i was posting about the problem and they claim now they have spotted and resolved the problem!!!

    if this turns out to be true. HAPPY DAYS AT LAST

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    That's great news. I think this is an example of inexperienced 1st level support at 123-reg.
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    I regret getting involved with the automated uselessness of 123 reg now

    this is an absolute joke

    123 changed nameservers to resolve as previously posted, but in the wrong direction. site just went down

    i've changed them back myself, but we are just back to 50% uptime as keeps alternating between present and past host


    ****ED OFF NOW. Don't know what to do, but thinking if i change registrar at least i'm no longer dealing with people who don't listen

    any suggestions on what i can do and/or who to transfer to of repute?


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    For my few domains I own I always transfer them to eNom. I never had any problems doing this, they are amongst the cheapest, and have a very nice control panel, imho. Support isn't what it was 2-3 years ago. So expect a 24hr turnaround time. If you have a Reseller Account you need to top up $100 at a time. I don't know about a Retail Account ( but their prices are quite high. If you need an account, I'd recommend a DomainSmarty Reseller Account. Their support is good. Probably better than eNom themselves.

    But isn't there some restrictions on when you can transfer domains?
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    cheers for the prompt reply stub!

    so you don't know where it's all going wrong even tho i paid to take previous host out of loop by transferring domain to a different registrar and hosting to a different host then pointed nameservers at new host but it keeps twitching between the 2. I hope a different registrar would resolve this. I've given 123 a 24hr ultimatum to pull their socks up. It's gone on far too long now

    i'm looking into enom

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    Pay attention to the following errors in your IntoDNS result:
    1. Missing nameservers reported by parent
    2. Missing nameservers reported by your nameservers

    Here is what I thought:
    You changed your domain's nameservers to the new host (ns1/ns2.***, thus those nameservers are recorded at parent .UK nameservers as the authoritative NS for your domain, BUT the NS entries/records in your domain's ZONE file are still those of web-mania. This might be one thing left over during the transfer to the new host.
    So you should contact your new host (or whoever controls ns1/ns2.*** to update those NS records.

    (I have experienced this similar thing, only that the left over on my case was an A record for my FTP hostname).

    Others: please CMIIW.

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    good thinking!

    i just checked the dns zone info in whm through the main reseller account and noticed that there was 3 entries for old host. i've edited them and am now hoping this is where the problem was!

    what a headache


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    So it was your fault all along? And you didn't get a clue from the intoDNS info?
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