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    managed SolusVM + Xen VPS, 50% off; only 5 left.

    Sick of downtime? Sick of broken promises? Pay a couple bucks a month for crappy service, lackluster support, and speeds that would make the tortoise yawn (or break out in obnoxious laughter because your website is really THAT slow)?

    Experience Idologic VPS services with swift speeds, ubiquitous uptime, and support that is both friendly and knowledgeable. We offer a wide range of solutions for a wide range of problems; many of our customers are developers and designers just like you! Count on us to make your life a little bit easier with support that goes just that much farther than the competition coupled with the cPanel + WHM (or DirectAdmin) combination that makes administering, selling, and transferring your website(s) a breeze.

    We offer a developer playground with the choice of PHP versions. For instance, choose from PHP 4.4.x, PHP 5.2.x, and PHP 5.3.x right now! Ruby, perl, python? No problem!

    So do you want to be logically connectedTM to the best hosting experience of your life?

    Idologic VPS Plans

    SolusVM + Xen
    40GB RAID disk space
    800GB monthly bandwidth
    2048MB RAM
    cPanel or DirectAdmin license included! (a 15 USD / month value)

    50% off, i.e. $70 / month (paid quarterly). only 5 available contact sales for ordering.

    Ready to sign up?

    Contact sales, this is a limited offer; only 5 available.

    Know Your Hardware/Software:
    - SolusVM + Xen VPS
    - Supermicro servers
    - Dual Quad core xeon with 24GB of RAM(or more)
    - Harware raid
    - CentOS 5.x 64 bit
    - Idologic Connect(tm) affiliate program - Grab the first month's payment on each referral!

    Check Out What Others Say:
    Rate-point reviews:
    Forum Comments:
    Twitter Buzz: idologic (idologic) on Twitter

    Additional Information:
    - No setup fees!
    - IPs are 1 USD per IP per month
    - Overselling allowed (we don’t, the load is low, so you can!)
    - 24x7 ticket/email based helpdesk, emergency 1-866 (toll-free #) available and emergency paging by email
    - All our servers feature hot-swappable RAID drives
    - No adult, warez, porn, spam, etc.
    - We are fully insured and have a disaster recovery plan in place
    - We own *all* our own equipment except for the building
    - We are debt free and privately held
    - Add-on backup space can be purchased.
    - We provide end-user support (contact us for details on cost).
    - We upgrade our hardware to meet or exceed industry standards. No lock in to old technology; no forced upgrades either. We work with you to meet your specific needs! Unlike basement room shops, you can grow with us from reseller to dedicated to cluster!

    Got questions? Please do talk to us! I'll be happy to show you more about Idologic and show you why this company is the best of the best. We want your business, and we'll beat anyone in quality of service and support. Welcome to the next generation of reseller, VPS and dedicated web hosting!

    Buy Peace of Mind! - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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    Only 4 left now - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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    3 left and by request:

    ping - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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