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    Talking Willing to hire web developer

    Hello WHT community!

    I've grown extremely busy with my development queue, and I am looking to bring on another seasoned developer whom will work directly with me. Please look over the requirements below and advise if you're interested in the position.

    Please note that I am not interested in paying for a block of development hours. Our clients require the most professional service backed by clean code that has been tested and written by an experienced team of professionals.

    This position may lead to a part time or full time position down the line if you qualify. This is not a job guarantee by any means, but the possibility is always there.

    Experience in the following is desired...
    XHTML / CSS (including CSS3 / XHTML 5)
    Javascript (JQuery experience should be sufficient)
    PHP / SQL
    API experience is a plus (for example, Facebook)
    CMS & eCommerce platforms

    A small list of services that we've offered in the past is below..
    - PSD to XHTML
    - PSD to CMS /eCommerce platform
    - Custom web application development (PHP / ASP)
    - Integration with API to achieve custom results (Facebook for example)

    For the most part, you will receive jobs that have customer specifications that must be met and you must be willing to ensure that your code is cross browser friendly. In addition to meeting specific requirements, you must be willing to meeting deadlines and submit updates when needed so that the client can continue to be in the loop.

    Please note that I am an awesome person to work with, but I do require dedication for a job like this.

    A portfolio of coding work will be required prior to being accepted into this position. As a seasoned developer myself, I like to ensure that code is commented and clean for every project that comes my way.

    Please send a PM with your portfolio with any additional details that you'd like to include. With that if you may, include your 'average price' for some services such as 'PSD to XHTML'.

    Brian Schroeter

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