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    How to reinstall CentOS using DRAC 5?

    I need step-by-step instructions.

    Particularly, how would I mount the ISO to the virtual drive? I only have KVM access to it but after logging in, there are no Internet access.

    And I see CentOS ISO have like 1 of 8, 2 or 8, etc. do I need all of them or just the 1st one?

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    Not sure what you mean by no internet access, however use the centos net install disk and then install via HTTP from a mirror.

    Good luck

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    The network card is not working, bad drivers or something, so no Internet. I can only use the virtual drive.

    So any one have any instructions for install?

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    Mount the CentOS netinstall iso

    Then once it boots, choose Install from HTTP. Find a CentOS mirror and input the address and folder.

    It will install the proper drivers during the initial boot process.

    Depending on the DC, they may have a local mirror and it will install very fast.

    We install CentOS in under 10 mins regularly using our private mirror.
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    all in all... connect to drac, use the network install next next next finish up and done.
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