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    Need some urgent help...

    When I do a dns look up this is what I get
    Retrieving DNS records for
    DNS servers

    Query for DNS records for failed: Address not available..

    I have a dedicated box and switched my main hosting site from the dedicated server to this x10vps.. I'm not too familiar with the setup of the vps but I figured it would be the same or even easier then a dedicated.. I been searching for out this issue for a few day.
    I've tried everything and nothing works.. This issue is slowing my site down and I'm unable to use my ftp and a few sotfware..

    Can someone help me fix this issue??

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    934 and is not pingable. You sure those exists as DNS A/NS records?
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    Hi Hfaves,

    Shoot me a PM and I'll check into it for you.

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    The dns records don't seem to be sure those are the right ones? Perhaps they just threw in a few nameservers in the whois ns14 and ns15 reply to pings but are not forwarding dns to anywhere else if it's not hosted locally just responding with no answer might want to set that's in /etc/bind/named.conf.options on ubuntu/debian for bind9 (nslookup no response but nslookup works)

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    Thanks to corey and the staff at x10vps... They helped me to fix this issue when they didn't have too... Top notch support for a vps provider in my book...

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    Glade to here that your porblem solved. Always, good VPS providers do some favor to their unmanaged clients.
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