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Thread: install nginx

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    install nginx

    I have VPS RAM 3GB and m CORE with main node
    I have one big site
    10000 visitor
    the site have VB forum - Video Script - Sound and video script
    the server have load and stopped every time
    I want rhe best settings to my.cnf and how can I install nginx as a proxy with apach

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    Please I want to put the appropriate settings for the server in a manner consistent with the resources of the server with the compression ratio on the server, especially as the site fairly large rate of visitors nearly 10000 visitors and suffer from severe pressure sometimes leads to the suspension of services and the entire site and after a while back to work, so what is the The correct setting and appropriate for such a server


    now I,v install nginx by this script

    the main node 8 core XEON

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    Maybe not relevant for you; but i've played a few months with nginx/php and i'm not really satisfied; crashes every time (i had to put 'monit' to restart the fastcgi). I recently discovered Cherokee Web Server ... installs in a few seconds (literally) and "it just works". Maybe you can have a look.

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