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    hosting cost for social network

    I am working on a kind of a social network. We have few hundred users who use our site and have a hosting for around 250$. Its enough for the beggining, but we are expanding and we are awaiting a lot of new users soon. I am curious and it would be very helpful if some could give a feedback, how can the price for hosting raise according to number of users, how high can it be for 5 000 users or 10 000...
    I know there are also other things that influence the cost, but maybe some tips or thoughts, some experience would be great.


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    It depends upon what script you use. Check out this thread
    It might be helpful as it was lots better for me. I have 2 site hosted in this server using Social Engine 4 and I charge $50/mo each. Sites load fast and each of them have about 5k users.

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    Send me your url. Let me check it.

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    I'd be interested in checking this out as well. For flexibility, you may want to look at some type of cloud solution so you can expand with ease.
    Jon Stephenson

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    Very interesting indeed, could you PM your URL so i can take a look. Though i'd think of buying my own server in that case..

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