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    Photoshop magic wand problem

    Hi there, I'm trying to make an existing logo white color background transparent and used Magic Wand tool in photoshop to make it transparent and saved it as .gif file.

    But although photoshop shows the transparent side, i tried previewing the .gif file in photo viewer and also insert as image in a html file, the white background is still there, anyone have any idea what happen? This is my first time encountering this, I had no issues with magic wand tool previously.

    Tolerance is set to 32, anti-alias and contiguous is check and also duplicated a new layer from the default background layer and deleted the default background layer.

    The image file I want to make transparent is here

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    dont save it as .gif save it as .png

    but when saving it will ask transparent or not,
    click transparent radio box

    hope this helps

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