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    which UK Domain providers do you recommend?

    Which UK Domain providers do you recommend?

    Good support and cheap prices on and domains.
    Quote, "Google is your best friend!"

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    Are you thinking of registering loads or just a handful?

    If the answer is "loads" then - despite the initial outlay - I think your best bet is to sign up as a registrar with Nominet yourself. Their support beats that of any registrars I've ever dealt with.

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    I've recently started using - they do what it says on the tin, there back order service is great too and fairly cheap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darktwist View Post
    Which UK Domain providers do you recommend?

    Good support and cheap prices on and domains.
    That couldn't all in one. If you want good support you will need to pay good money for your domain names.

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    You can try this one:

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