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    * Help speed the growth of an already growing company! Looking for additional partners.

    Site: Surmounted.NET
    Twitter: Follow Us!
    Email: curtis [AT]

    About Surmounted.NET:

    We started in April of 2010, leaving us just over a year old. We're seeking an individual who is capable of helping us grow Surmounted.NET and help us reach our goal of developing a brand that is associated with quality services. We're currently on the right track, and would like additional help in our effort.

    Candidate Requirements
    • Fluent in spoken and written English language
    • 18 years or older
    • Preferably located in the United States, Canada, or the U.K.
    • Must be able to put forth small cash investments (Required, ammount is very minimal)
    • Have experience in the industry, either as a reseller, owner or operator.
    • Experience in troubleshooting issues associated with web hosting services
    • Business experience prefered, but not required.

    Due to our current size, we're unable to offer a salaried position. Terms of compensation will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on what one can bring forth to the table. We're open to offering generous profit percentages and/or commissions based on increased sales.

    If you're interested, you may email me directly or send me a PM here with your experiences, your compensation expectations, and what you could bring to the table for a small but growing hosting company.

    We're growing at a steady rate and really are on the right track for success. Since day one my goal was to simply develop a brand that is associated with quality services and great support and taking care of our client's needs before taking care of our personal needs. If you're a friendly, outgoing, intelligent, and capable person then we'd love to hear from you!

    EDIT: Just to confirm, this is a REMOTE position. Those involved in the company communicate via Skype daily, support clients via WHMCS helpdesk (no LiveChat, low volume of tickets), and our target market is based in the United States. We do have a developed plan in which we're executing, we're simply seeking an additional person to help contribute creatively to the team as well as one who can help us cover the cost of operation (Seriously, we're about a month away from breaking even and turning a profit) for a short time. This is a great chance for someone to jump in and benefit soon.
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