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    Gamer Logo Design

    I run the Rum & Coke clan, a gaming community that primarily plays FPS games. We have been around for 9 years or so, and have a lot of pride in our group. Our current logo can be seen here: The problem I have with it is that it does not scale well. With the fine design details, once it is small you cannot see enough. I am looking for a new logo that is modern and sleek. It should have some type of icon that we can use with or without the included text. Any text should be done with an interesting font. The icon itself can be something abstract, something to do with the R or RC that stands for our clan name, or something else all together.

    Here is a page of logos that I like The following are specific logos I think are good:

    The logo will be used for many years to come, so I am looking for a high quality product. We are under a budget since this is donation driven. I would like to spend about $25-$45 if possible.

    Please get in touch if you think you have an idea that fits, and are comfortable with the budget. I have several designers already submitting their work for review. The winning designer may be contacted for future work.
    Cameron Wendt
    Chairman & CEO
    HyperTech Designs

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    Cameron, it appears as though the links you provided are not functioning.

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