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    Looking for Website Revamp & Design

    We are looking for someone or some company who would like to revamp our entire website. We are totally not looking for something like what we have anymore and there's quite a few ideas of what we have in mind.

    There's a few BIG requirements so please read before doing anything.

    1. We are NOT looking for a Wordpress, Joomla or etc design
    2. Website will be on a Windows Server. If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, then don't even bother.
    3. Nothing from a template please... not really looking for more template designs.

    I say those as BIG requirements but in fact they are just small ones but I don't want people PMing or emailing me for no reason whatsoever.

    Do either give me your quotes or if you have any other questions, do email or PM me. Or if you know of any other good companies, do recommend.

    Email : [email protected]

    Aaron Ong
    Dedicated Servers - 100TB Servers - 100Mbps Unmetered Servers - Web Hosting - CDN Network
    Servers in Central, East/West Coast USA, EUROPE and ASIA
    Welltodo Century

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    Have sent mail.Looking forward hearing from you soon.
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    Transition to wordpress today!!
    Contact us -Hotmail :[email protected]
    Gmail :[email protected]
    Skype :abacies

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    I sent you the email with my portfolio. Once you are satisfied with my design samples, we will step forward


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    Email with our current portfolio sent and awaiting reply.

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    Emailed you :-)

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    Please take a look some of my portfolio at

    PM me if you're interested, or email me jamie {at} metarocket {dot} {net}


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